In Loving Memory of Donald L. Shute

Donald L. Shute

Born Los Angeles, California, July 7th 1924

Passed Away Napa, California May 20th 2012

Summary of Don Shute Navy tour of duty during World War Two. (WWII)

Don was in Transit to Pearl Harbor on December 7th 1941. Don was assigned burial duties upon arriving at Pearl Harbor but found the first available ship the USS Grayson some weeks later (This was like jumping out of Fire into Frying Pan) Don was aboard the Grayson for at least two half years. His discharge was not until September 1945 in Philadelphia. His daughter Patricia was born in Philadelphia April 1945. His Son Jim was born after the War in Feb 1952. 

Don was on two Ships, The Grayson, DD435 which saw a lot of Action in the Pacific, and later the Harding DD625. The Harding Ran the Atlantic, escorting Troops ships and Supplies to Europe & Africa.

Later Don was transferred to Brooklyn Navy Yard Jan 1944 where he met mom (Alice) and later was transfer to the Manhattan Project in Philadelphia this was some time in early 1944. Don & Alice were married in Jun 1944.

 Starting with the Grayson DD435, This ship saw a lot of Action in the South Pacific in and around Guadalcanal and associate Solomon Island Chain not a very good place to be in those days. The Action included Escort duty of the USS Hornet during the Doolittle Raid first Bomb raid on Japan  

Don Was awarded the Following medals for engagements on Board USS Grayson DD435

-        Guadalcanal-Tulagi Landings (Including First Savo) 7-9 August 1942

-        Capture and Defense of Guadalcanal     10 August 1942 Feb 1943

-        Eastern Solomonís (Stewart Islands)      23-25 August 1942

-        Cape Esperance (Second Savo)             11-12 October 1942

-        Guadalcanal (Third Savo)                      12-15 November 1942

-        Tassafaronga (Fourth Savo)                   30 Nov-1 Dec 1942

-        Rennel Island                                       29-30 Jan 1943

-        Southern Solomonís                             8 Feb -20 Jun 1943

 Of the Graysonís 4 sister ships 3 were sunk.

-        The USS Gwin DD433, Was damaged beyond repair by Japanese War Ships off of Kolombangara, which is North West of Guadalcanal and part of the Solomon Island Chain. The USS Gwin lost 71 of her crew.

Remember PT109 and JFK yep that is the place.

-        The USS Meredith DD434 Sunk by Japanese Air Craft off of San Cristobal that is proximally 60 Miles South East of Guadalcanal. And is the Last large Island in the Solomon chain. she lost 185 of her crew

-        The USS Monssen DD436 Sunk by Japanese War Ships off Guadalcanal. She lost 130 of her crew. 

Don was transferred to the USS West Virginia to help keep her afloat in her transit back to the States (Seattle) after arriving he was transferred to the USS Harding DD625. The Harding was New ship that was bound to the East Coast for Escort Duty to and from Europe. Don was later transferred to Manhattan Project (Making of the A-Bomb) Don was a Machines Mate that had 2 Ĺ years experience in a ships boiler room, and they needed BTís Boiler Teck on the Manhattan Project to make heavy water. The ship was later transferred back to the Pacific and Sunk on April 16th 1945 (Kamikaze), she lost 22 of her crew before she went down.                      

Don was engaged in the following conflicts on Board USS Harding DD625

-        Escort Anti-Submarine. Armed Guard and Special Operations Convoy . KMF-25A

After the War Don tried a number of Vocations.  

-        Don drove Oil (Heating) Truck in Long Island (Middle of Winter)

-        Don Started his own Moving Business

-        Don Worked as Auto Mechanic

-        Don Worked For Pan-Am on the China Clippers

-        Aero Space Test Fixture Engineer Engine test stands

-        Nuclear Test Fixture Engineer

-        Retired, Gone to the Beach to Surf