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Merry Christmas for 2015.

The Kids Gary and Denise, are working harder and  are one step in front of the boys. Hunter is working from home towards his High School diploma and looking at video game Development. Our Great grandson Lyam is doing well. Brad is working again warehouse management.

This is Aprilís 3nd year in the Portola House. Small House in the Sierras that has room for all 4 kids. Little Kevin has started pre-school. Chloe is Cheerleading & has Soccer. Kyle is attending advance scholarship classes in his first year of high school. The local schools are good and keep the kids involved in a number of after school programs.  James has changed schools. April is hanging in there with Help of Uncle Grandpa (Ken Erwin).

This yearís Vacation was grand affair to celebrate our 50 year anniversary. We took a cruise to and visited, Spain, Italy, Greece, Croatia. With a land tour to Germany, Austria & Switzerland.  After resting up we had this years Ships Reunion in Washington DC. Trish & I hosted the event for over 120 People, Not Exactly a Vacation so we treated ourselves to a Road trip to Virginia Beach, Norfolk & Portsmouth visiting places we lived during my tour of duty in the Navy. We also went to Phoenix again for spring training to see the Giants Play.




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2015 Trish & I Went on a Once in a life Time adventure (yes it was on our Bucket list) We flew to Barcelona Spain in advance of a Cruise aboard Splendor of the Sea's. We visited Cannes France, Florence Italy, Rome, Naples, Greece, Croatia and finally Venice, where we disembarked.

The Photos have been selected from over 2000 taken, and have been split into two parts Cruise (Above) and Country Roads, (Below)  Click on one of the Icon's

The next day we where off to Munich where we arrived a day prior to or tour of Country Roads of Bavaria, Switzerland & Austria.

Note: For the Insight Vacations Tour group all you need to do is Left Mouse click on the photo you want and copy it to a file. Enjoy


Mom Adams Recipes. Mom will always be with us this time of the Year. Mom always made some Family favorites for Thanksgiving and Christmas dinner, (Not always the best for you if you are keeping tabs on your cholesterol )

Click on the Donut for the link to her recipe page (we have also included some other recipes from Friends and Family.

Tree Hunt for 2014, no Snow but lots of Mud, and we found one of the best trees we have had in years

2014 Vacation was aboard Princess Cruise to Alaska, Great time visited number of Glaciers, and weather was very good for that time of the Year and far North.


Our Ships Reunion was in San Diego again we had great time with the Crew of the Everglades, USS Currituck and USS Pine Island, the Torpedoman's association was with us also along with number of MMA Group, the air crew of the Ships.

2013 Vacation was in Nashville TN along with the Ships Reunion

For 2013 we combined our Traditional Vacation with Our annual Ships Reunion, We spent 5 days with the Ships crew and 7 Days making a Lap of Tennessee. Nice place to visit and good old fashion Southern Hospitality from one end of the state to another. We visited Memphis, Nashville Chattanooga and Gatlinburg, and bunch of places in between.

 Vacation Down Under 2012 

This year we really went all out and went on a vacation of a life time 33 Days starting in Australia, on to New Zealand, French Polynesia with a stop of at the Big Island in Hawaii.


2011 Vacation: On our Bucket list for 2011 was Panama Canal.

 From Tampa Florida to San Diego with lots of stops in between, we also Had Sharon & Bruce to Join us on this Trip



Road Trip for 2010  

In October the weather had not turned yet so we planed a Driving trip to Mesa Verde Colorado, to visit the Morgan's. Out across Nevada Hwy 50 to Ely Nevada Staying in the Historic Nevada Gambling Hall and riding 1910 Steam Train. Then off through eastern Utah and Lehman Caves and the Arches National park. As Canyon Land National Park was down the road we Stopped and took a short hike (Photo Above) Next was Mesa Verde and our Visit with the Morgan's. The next destination was through 4 corners and Tuba city, listening to Tony Hillerman books on tape then off to Northern Rim of the Grand Canyon. Later  on to Bryce Canyon and Zion National Park. We stopped of for 3 days in Vegas for rest and take in the Blue Man Group. Final top was LA visiting Mom and family. Finally the boring drive up Hwy 5 to  home ending our19 day road trip.

2009 we were off to Niagara Falls & Ontario Canada countryside with a City tour of Toronto

Niagara was site of the Everglades Reunion and had the chance to meet our old friends and made some new ones.

2008 This was one of though last Minute Ideas. We booked a cruise to Cabo San Lucas.


Blairsden Barn 2011   

The Crew completed the work in only 3 days and was on the way home.

Note the Photo Snow was starting to fall. This was Monday Morning and the Building Inspector was scheduled for that morning. Had to stick around and was bit nervous as the forecast was for another Big Storm 2 to 3 foot. The Inspector Finally showed up little after noon, better than not at all. We had No Problems with the Inspection, and it is ready to put all our Junk in. The 2 old cars Corvair & the VW, ATV/ATC Lawn Tractor, Chipper and more all inside and out of the weather.  There was no time to start putting every thing inside had to get out of Dodge as I did not bring the 4X4 and needed to get down the Hill before I had to put Chains on the Old truck, something I rather not do.



Blairsden House

The Cabin was or 5 year project that took a bit longer it is going on 25year now.  We have over 300 Daffodils planted and there all up in April May. They cover the whole Hill side.

We try and get up once a month to visit friends and hide out from the rest of the world to relax .


Gary, Denise, & Hunter. With Brad's addition to the Family with Baby Lyam
BB Lyam is almost two and is a very Happy little guy that has a smile on all the time and into every thing he can.



Fear #00 Click for Link

Gary Finished #5 Spot for the Racing year hard to compete with big $$. (ACTIVE LINK CLICK ON RED DONUT)

 Portola House

Yes a New acquisition in 2014 by the Adams Family. The house was built some years ago (1951), and there was some question if we could get it ready for April and the Kids to move in Last summer and could they adapt to the winter weather in the Sierras. They all being used to the Sacramento area. They overcame the challenge with only one problem with frozen pipes. Work/Jobs are limited in the area but April has managed her money well and the Kids have done well in their new school and community. Some Photos of the House and the kids. James, Kyle, Chloe and Baby Kevin, who looks just like his daddy





Those were the days.  AD24 USS Everglades 1951 to 1970

USS Everglades, USS Currituck, USS Pine Island along with Torpedoman's Association gathering in Nashville TN. We had almost 90 People in attendance this year. To link to the ships Web page and other Everglades Web Pages, click on the link here.  THIS IS ONE OF THE ACTIVE LINK TO ANOTHER SITE CLICK ON IT

In Loving Memory of Donald L. Shute

Born Los Angeles, California, July 7th 1924

Passed Away Napa, California May 20th 2012

Summary of Don Shute Navy tour of duty during World War Two. (WWII) (ACTIVE LINK CLICK ON RED DONUT)

Tawny Dog Adams

    Tawny Adams. We still miss her, but she is still with use in Spirit Guarding the Cabin, and the new Barn, Beware Guard Ghost on Duty.

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